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Use with vehicles:
Assists your clients and their pets with a safe transfer in and out of trucks and SUVís. Reduces the possibility of injury to both pets and owners. Especially useful when handling sedated, injured, aged or arthritic animals.

  • Elevates to heights of most SUVís and truck beds.
  • Foldout ramp for quick and easy unassisted end-loading and unloading.
  • 12-inch high side railings
  • Removable side railings
  • 4-wheel locking swivel non-marking casters
  • Durable non-skid surface.
  • Over 200 lbs. of lifting capacity.

Use in veterinarian clinic:
Provides easy movement of large and incapacitated animals. Unit quickly transforms into a treatment table with four lockable casters, removable railings and drop-down ramp.

  • High quality medical actuator
  • 12V battery
  • Quick recharge
  • Hand-held controls
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Corner rubber bumpers
  • Optional rubber mat
  • Optional stainless steel treatment table

Thank you to Dr. Stephen Fynaardt and Clarmar Animal Hospital in Torrance, CA for their help.